November 1, 2016Incoherent Brain Dump cover

The new Superluminal Pachyderm album "Incoherent Brain Dump" has been released. It's a free download on Bandcamp and will be available shortly on

This is the seventh studio album and the first since Unsalted Pants was released back in 2013. 


Tracks include:

All the Toilets of the City (7:05)
Pieces of Crap (4:19)
Eometry (14:23)
Poojer (4:10)
It Smells Like Aunt Helen (6:19)
Cadillac (7:45)
Radio Donkey (13:46)

Please stop by my Bandcamp page and give it a listen.

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September 24, 2016

The second single from the Incoherent Brain Dump project has been released. It's called Cadillac and it's B-side, Foggy Cows, is an outtake that won't be appearing on the album. 

You can listen to the single here:

In addition, three music videos from this project are also available on YouTube:

Pieces of Crap

Enjoy, even if it produces headaches.


July 10, 2016

Superluminal Pachyderm has just released its first single ever. Back when this project started, physical CD singles were not particularly useful. They were all on-demand and having someone pay $5.99 or higher for two songs was ridiculous. Besides, I had never even toyed with the idea. A growing number of artists have been releasing material online in the last 10 years or so a few songs at a time. Some make it onto proper albums, some don't. Perhaps they're gauging fan interest to determine what makes it onto an album? So, in that spirit (though I'm not gauging anything), let me introduce you to Poojer:

This and it's "B-side" Pieces of Crap are expected to be a part of a future album called Incoherent Brain Dump.

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January 25, 2013


Finally, after almost eight years, Superluminal Pachyderm has released its sixth studio album, Unsalted Pants. The album contains three long songs, the title track, Ich bin eine Dose (Ooomgn), and Voices from the Nose. The latter is a five-part epic. The second track was inspired by the German band Can and is sort of my tribute to them. The album is now available on has a physical CD or as a download and was manufactured by their CreateSpace service.


Now I can finally relax, sit on the couch, and watch some Doctor Who. Don't forget to try the bacon bits on the way out.

December 9, 2012

This week the final mixing and recording of the Unsalted Pants album was completed. One might ask what was going on between 2009 and now? A big fat nothing ought to be the answer, but I'll keep using that "hiatus" term that so many musicians like to use when members are at each others throats. Since I am the ONLY member of Superluminal Pachyderm, the proper reason is laziness. A good secondary reason is my sudden addiction to genealogy and family history. Anyway, the new Unsalted Pants album is likely to show up on sometime in January 2013.

The second announcement is that all of the Superluminal Pachyderm discography is out of print, with the exception of Sea of Peas. My former manufacturer,, simply stopped making CDs and I rudely discovered one day that none of my CDs were there anymore. Needless to say, I wasn't a happy camper and closed my entire Cafepress store. Earlier in 2012, I reissued Sea of Peas using's CreateSpace service. I plan on reissuing earlier titles when time permits. I am also considering releasing download only albums that are compilations taken from my first five albums using Bandcamp. Stay tuned, but don't hold your breath.

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February 5, 2009

There hasn't been an update on this page since the summer of 2007. I would say quite a lot has happened since then. First, I moved into a house and of course had to pack up my studio stuff and reset it all up. That was back in May 2008. Since then I have slowly worked on several new pieces of music and have incomplete sections for five songs that should be on the upcoming Unsalted Pants album. In addition I've been playing around with unfinished material that never made it onto the Sea of Peas album. I always have unfinished stuff leftover from album projects and tend to carry some of them over to future projects.

This April will mark four years since Sea of Peas was released. Am I getting lazy or what? All I can say is hang in there, all three of you. Unsalted Pants will make the light of day sometime this year.

Also, I was quite surprised to find out that I now have an entry at Prog Archives. There's even a review there for my first album; rated much higher than I would give it. To be honest, it's an album I don't regard very well. The mistakes I made on it make me cringe, but I do have some nostalgic feelings about it because it was my first and was quite a growing experience. Check it out here.

Thanks for checking the site out. Don't forget to flush when you leave.

June 21, 2007

Progress on the Unsalted Pants album has been slow as I have been working on other projects, like a book of poetry. I am hoping to put in more time on this project in the future.

Meanwhile, there are some Superluminal Pachyderm t-shirts, aprons, and tote bags available at the Superluminal Pachyderm Stuff page at I've been thinking about adding more things to this "store." [update 8/30/13: these things are no longer available]

Don't bump your head on the pipes.

January 14, 2007

Recording has started for the Unsalted Pants album. It's going slowly as expected, but some progress has been made. I'm still selecting and writing material for it. About seven minutes of the title track has been laid down, but tweaking procedures are still active. I also wrote the lyrics for a five-part song called "Hapes" which will be part of this project.

December 5, 2006

It's been three months and I finally found my way out of the clothes hamper. About three months ago I noticed that the manufacturer of my CD's,, experienced some sort of severe bug that prevented images from loading on audio CD products. Because of this, it was uncertain if purchasing a CD would result in a customer actually getting it in the form I wanted it to be in. Thus, I dismantled the Buy CDs page. A few weeks ago, it seems fixed their problem. Like most IT departments, after a half dozen helpdesk tickets, the problem mysteriously goes away and no one announces the fix. The bottom line is they are again available for purchase, just in time for the holidays.

So, have I recorded any new music? No, I've been stuck in a clothes hamper for the last three months. But my brain has some ideas. I'm sure it won't be too long before I download it into a series of off-key notes.

Anyway, if I don't see you before the holidays, have a good one.

September 10, 2006

Welcome to the official home of Superluminal Pachyderm. After several years of having pages at various music sites (starting with and with a discography including five studio albums, I felt it was time for the Superluminal Pachyderm project to have a new home all its own. It resides within the domain, my little internet playground.

So, what's happened since the Sea of Peas? Not much I'm afraid. I've got a couple of projects on paper, but no attempt has been made to really put something together. The next album is tentatively called "Unsalted Pants" and I hope to start recording it sometime this fall. Another project that I hope to work on at the same time has been given the name "Bonehead," but I suspect I will give it a better title in the future. These two projects are going to end up being the sixth and seventh Superluminal Pachyderm albums.

Another project that I expect will take a good amount of time to finish will be an experimental work that I will release under a different name. It will be the first album under the name Amalgamated Hippopotamus. The kind of music I envision for this project will be sort of an offshoot of some of the types of experiments I did on the Sea of Peas album. I'm planning on inventing a language for the lyrics to be sung in.

Thanks for stopping by.

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